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Modeling the Above-Ground Biomass Estimation in Zagros Oak Coppice Forests Using Radar Data of Sentinel-1 Satellite

Saeed Saroei; Ali Asghar Darvishsefat; Manochehr Namiranian

Volume 12, Issue 4 , February 2021, , Pages 35-52


  Estimating the biomass values in forests stands through remote sensing is important. It has been reported that the major reasons of uncertainty are the lack of concurrency in satellite data and field information as well as the use of global allometric equations for estimating the weight of biomass of ...  Read More

Estimation of Forest Stand Volume Using ICESat/GLAS Data in Mountainous Forests in the North of Iran

M Rajabpour Rahmati; A.A Darvishsefat; N Baghdadi; Manochehr Namiranian; Nosrat ollah Zargham

Volume 7, Issue 4 , November 2015, , Pages 85-98

  Forest volume as an important factor in forest management was aimed to be measured in mountainous forests in the North of Iran using spaceborne LiDar. Two missions of GLAS (L3K and L3I) were preprocessed to remove inappropriate waveforms. Several waveform metrics including waveform extent (Wext), lead ...  Read More