Iranian journal  of Remote Sensing and GIS, Affiliated with the Iran Remote Sensing and GIS Association and Shahid Beheshti University, in order to expand and promote research, with the aim of publishing the results of scientific research, increasing awareness, scientific development and specialized knowledge in the field of science. remote sensing, geographic information system (GIS), photogrammetry, geodesy and their applications in agriculture, forestry, geology, water resources, meteorology and climate, natural resources, urban management, satellite oceanography and helping to establish scientific cooperation between researchers These fields are published inside and outside the country.

This publication, as the first scientific-research specialized publication, received the scientific-research rank based on the approval of the Publications Commission of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology No. 1082/3 dated 18/03/2009. In this way, it was published for the first time in 2009 and currently they are publishing the country's scientific and research journals in Persian language with ISSN 2008-5966. Also, based on the license number 15327 dated 08/01/2014, the publication was also introduced in the Islamic World Science Database (ISC) and currently through the country's reliable scientific information databases such as: Comprehensive Humanities Portal, National Journals Information Bank, Academic Jihad scientific information is also available for those interested in related research topics.