Guide for Authors

Guidelines for Authors Publishing in Iranian Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS

Iranian Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS which is associated to the remote sensing and GIS society of Iran and Shahid Beheshti University, is an peer-reviewed journal published with the aim of research promotion and development, publishing scientific research, awareness promotion, scientific and technological knowledge development in the fields of Remote sensing and GIS and their all major disciplines and applications, and improving scientific collaborations between researchers and scientist in these fields at national and international level. The researchers are invited to prepare their manuscript with the following specifications before submitting it for consideration for peer review.

1. The manuscripts have not been published in another Journal already, nor are they under consideration for publication or in press elsewhere.
2. The manuscript is the research outcome of author/authors themselves.
3. The manuscript should be send in 4 paper copies (one original document and 3 copies) in A4 size paper, one sided and with line spacing of 1.5 cm, Nazanin font in size of 12 may be used. The authors should also send the digital version of their manuscript in Microsoft office word 2003 or 2007 via a compact disk (CD).
4. The maximum number of pages including tables, figures, maps, diagrams and references should be 20 pages.
5. The manuscript should have page as well as line numbering.
6. The title of the manuscript and the author/authors information should be indicated in the beginning of the manuscript in a separate sheet in Farsi and in English.
7. The title of the manuscript should be written in Farsi and in English on the first page of the manuscript.
8. A written request for consideration and publication of the manuscript from the corresponding author to the editor-in-chief should accompany the documents.
9. The author/authors names, academic title, affiliations, postal address, email address and phone and fax numbers should be indicated in the manuscript as well as in the accompanying letter.                                                                                                                

10. Having an ORCID identifier is mandatory for all authors. You can register at

Structure of the manuscript

The manuscripts can be submitted in either Farsi or in English and should include the following sections:
1- Title of the manuscript (Farsi and English)
2- The first name and family name of author/authors, their academic title/s, and affiliation/s in Farsi and English. The name of the corresponding author should be indicated with the *.
3- The complete postal address, email address and phone and fax numbers of the corresponding author should be indicated both in Farsi and in English.
4- Abstract: the abstract should contain minimum of 600 words. The Persian manuscripts should contain two pages of extended abstract in English.
5- Keywords: keywords should be minimum of 3 and maximum of 6 words and should be provided both in Farsi and in English.
6- Introduction: introduction should contain the problem definition, review of the previous works (inside and outside of the country), the aim and objectives of the research, as well as the need for the study.
7- Materials and methods: This section should describe the study area (if having case studies) and the materials and methods used in the study. It should also describe methods used for analysis and validation of the results.
8- Results: this section describes the results obtained from the study which can partly be presented in the form of figures and tables.
9- Discussion and conclusion: The main outcome of the study will be highlighted here. In this section obtained results are compared with the objectives of the study and with the results obtained from similar previous studies. Recommended model, method or algorithm can also be introduced. The discussion can be presented in a separate section.
10- References: The references used in the manuscript, when appear in the main body should be in the form of family name and year (Baret, 1990). At the end of the manuscript the references should be alphabetically listed in English. Here are some examples:
A. Books: Family name, name of author/authors or translator/s, year of the publishing, title of the book, publisher and the place of publishing, Number of pages.
B. Journal: Family name, name of author/authors, year of the publishing, title of the article, name of the journal, Journal volume and number, Number of pages.
11- Tables and figures: The title of the tables should be inserted above and the title of the figures should be typed under them with font size of 10. Maps, figures and diagrams should only be mentioned as the Figures. All tables and figures should be mentioned in the main body of manuscript. All footnotes (figures, tables) should be written both in Farsi and in English.
12- English correspondent: The English correspondent for required phrases will be numbered in each page separately and will appear in the footnote of each page.
13- Acknowledgment: If financial or other kinds of supports have been provided by an institution or person to finalize the research, the mentioned institution/person can be acknowledged in the acknowledgement section just before starting the references.
The author/authors are responsible for scientific validity and correctness of the manuscript. The authors assign copyright or license the publication rights in their articles to the Iranian Journal of Remote Sensing and GIS. The manuscripts will be considered based on their receiving time by the journal office.
All articles including their compact disk (CD) should be sent via express post to the following address: Tehran, Evin, Shahid Beheshti University, Iranian RS & GIS Society, office of the journal.