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Geometric Correction of BaySpec OCI-F Pushbroom Hyperspectral Images via the Sequential Geometric Mappings among Simultaneous Video Frames Estimated by Least Square Matching

Mojtaba Akhoundi Khezrabad; Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej; alireza safdari nezhad

Volume 15, Issue 1 , February 2023, , Pages 17-37


  Due to the wide applications of hyperspectral images, economical and innovative imaging systems are developed to acquire such images. In order to use hyperspectral images, it is necessary to establish an accurate relation between the ground space and the image space, which needs numerous Ground Control ...  Read More

Cropland Mapping through Integration of Segmentation and Classification Techniques in Google Earth Engine

Alireza Taheri Dehkordi; Mohammad Javad Valadanzouj; Alireza Safdarinezhad

Volume 14, Issue 1 , June 2022, , Pages 1-20


  Map of croplands is one of the information layers required in the efficient management of these lands. Having such maps makes it possible to monitor agricultural fields during the growing season continuously. In this study, a solution to produce map of Shahrekord’s agricultural lands in two agricultural ...  Read More

Integration of high spatial resolution SAR and multispectral images for building detection in urban areas

Maryam Teimouri; Mehdi Mokhtarzade; Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej

Volume 13, Issue 1 , May 2021, , Pages 1-16


  In this study, the SAR data is used as a supplementary data to overcome the limitations of the multispectral (MS) image in building detection. Therefore, the proposed method utilizes a multisensor data fusion to take the advantages of both MS and SAR data together. In addition, two different filter-based ...  Read More

Speckle reduction in SAR images based on an adaptive filtering in the frequency domain

Hamid Jannati; Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej

Volume 12, Issue 2 , August 2020, , Pages 1-18


  Speckle in Synthetic aperture radar images makes grainy effects, because of the coherent imaging system which cause some difficulties in object-oriented processes, like segmentation or classification. Therefore, a lot of methods have been developed for speckle reduction purpose. These methods can be ...  Read More

Comprehensive assessment of standard genetic optimization algorithm, modified genetic optimization algorithm and modified particle swarm optimization algorithm for optimization of terrain-dependent rational function models

Behrooz Moradi; mohammad javad valadan zoej; mojtaba jannati; somayeh yavari

Volume 11, Issue 1 , May 2019, , Pages 1-18


  In the absence of satellite ephemeris data and inner geometry of satellite’s sensor, utilization of Rational Function Models (RFMs) is one of the best approaches to georeferencing satellite images and extracting spatial information from them. However, since RFMs have high number of coefficients, ...  Read More