Author = M Mokhtarzade
Integration of high spatial resolution SAR and multispectral images for building detection in urban areas

Volume 13, Issue 1, May 2021, Pages 1-16


Maryam Teimouri; Mehdi Mokhtarzade; Mohammad Javad Valadan Zoej

Ant Colony Optimization of RFM for Geometric Correction

Volume 7, Issue 2, November 2015, Pages 1-18

A Baghani; M.J Valadan Zoej; M Mokhtarzade

Evaluating and Improving the Functionality of Simulated Annealing Algorithm for Sub-pixel Land Cover Mapping Using Multispectral Imagery

Volume 7, Issue 3, November 2015, Pages 1-16

Jadidi Milad Niroumand; Mehdi Mokhtarzade; Mahmood Reza Sahebi