Keywords = Leaf Area Index
Analysis of Sentinel- 2 Satellite Images to Estimate Leaf Area Index of Corn Crops

Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2023, Pages 1-15


Maedeh Behifar; Hossein Aghighi; Aliakbar Matkan; Hamid Salehi shahrabi

Mapping Sugarcane Leaf Area Index by Inverting PRISMA Hyperspectral Images

Volume 15, Issue 1, February 2023, Pages 85-108


Mohammad Hajeb; Saeid Hamzeh; Seyed Kazem Alavipanah; Jochem Verrelst

Combining Multiple Solution and Cost Function for Better LAI Estimation

Volume 14, Issue 2, July 2022, Pages 61-74


alijafar mousivand; meysam shir mohammad pour; ali shamsoddini

Comparative analysis of LAI retrieval from hyperspectral imagery using machine learning approaches

Volume 12, Issue 3, February 2021, Pages 47-64


Behzad Mohammadi Sheikh Razi; Mohammad Sharif Molla; Ali Jafar Mousivand; Ali Shamsoddini