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1 Ph.D. of Systems Management, Manager of Development of Space Technologies and Advanced Transportation

2 M.Sc of Business Management


Remote sensing is the science of obtaining information from the surface of the earth without explicit
contact with the components studied. Commercialization is a set of activities that converts an
innovation into a product or service that brings economic benefits. Given the widespread use for
measurement and the high importance of its application in agriculture, commercialization of this
technology in agriculture has been a top priority and investigated in this study. The target population
of this research is active and passive companies in this field to use their experience to provide suitable
field for cultivation of remote sensing technology through in-depth interviewing and snowball
sampling. The catch is used. In this research, using product and technology life cycle diagrams,
examining the challenges of technology and infrastructure commercialization, commercialization
elements, types of software used in the world agricultural industry, remote sensing investment charts
and analysis The viability of remote sensing in agriculture as a business has been scrutinized. As a
result, the best way to commercialize the product is to reduce constraints for active companies, build
the necessary infrastructure, especially timely data, and be independent in deploying this technology
to allow users to use a variety of business methods. Provide.


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