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1 Assistant Professor, Remote Sensing, Department of Geography, Yazd University

2 Associate Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Engineering, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Jiroft, Jiroft, Iran.


The Central Plateau of Iran, due to climate changes and the reduction of available water resources on one hand, and the increase in population and the consequent increase in demand on the other hand, is facing a severe water crisis. The science of remote sensing and the availability of numerous satellite products have made it possible to monitor the process of changes in various environmental parameters, especially surface and underground water sources, with appropriate accuracy. For this purpose, using the Google Earth Engine system, 16 different satellite products including different environmental parameters such as precipitation, temperature, evaporation and transpiration, soil moisture, runoff, total water storage (GRACE), vegetation cover index and water surface area were received and prepared for the time period 2000-2022. Then, using the non-parametric Mann-Kendall test and the Sen’s slope estimator, the change trend of these parameters was investigated. According to the results, the changes in earth's gravity, which indicates the level of underground water, as well as the area of water surfaces, which indicates surface water resources, and soil moisture, showed a significant decreasing trend. On the other hand, maximum temperature, minimum temperature, potential evaporation and transpiration and NDVI index have a significant increasing trend. Despite the decrease in water surface area, the vegetation cover index has increased, which indicates the increase in the area under cultivation of agricultural products and excessive harvesting of underground water resources, which is also confirmed by the decreasing trend of the GRACE satellite product. The correlation coefficients between parameters with significant trends also showed that there is a significant correlation between GRACE and NDVI parameters, minimum temperature, maximum temperature, soil moisture and area of surface water bodies and and in future researches, satellite products related to these parameters can be used to evaluate the condition of surface and underground water resources in other regions and basins of Iran.