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1 GIS expert / Electricity distribution company of Qom province

2 Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering Department of Rahman Ramsar Institute of Higher Education (Visiting Assistant Professor of Geospatial Information System Mapping Department of Ramsar Islamic Azad University)

3 Electricity distribution company of Qom province


The energy injection point from the transmission network to the distribution network is the 63.20 kV substations. Determining the location of the substation is technically and economically important for regional electricity companies and electricity distribution companies. The purpose of this research is to determine the optimal range of construction of 63.20 kV substation and the difference between the research method of this research and other similar studies is the use of criteria related to the electricity distribution company and considering the influence and internal communication of the criteria with each other. In this model, the method of network analysis process and fuzzy functions are used in the context of GIS. By reviewing sources and surveying expert experts, 13 criteria were determined as the main and influential factors in determining the location of post construction, and then using ArcGIS software, criteria zoning maps were prepared. In order to homogenize the information layers, the data were set between 0 and 1 using fuzzy techniques. The final weight of the criteria was determined using the ANP method and applied in its fuzzy map. For the final analysis of the research topic, the gamma operator with thresholds of 0.7, 0.8 and 0.9 was used. In order to choose the optimal fuzzy gamma, the data were analyzed in SPSS software and gamma correlation coefficient test, and as a result, the value of correlation coefficient and standard deviation was calculated. The results of calculating the standard deviation showed that the 0.7 gamma has a higher accuracy than the other two gammas. In the final map obtained, the area of Kohak city is the most optimal area for the construction of 63.20 kV substation in Qom province.