Document Type : علمی - پژوهشی


Islamic Azad University Tehran, Iran


Public transportation and easy commuting in the city are one of the main aspects of urban life, and taking care of a complete, regular and developed transportation system is one of the basic needs of the city. In this respect, it is important to pay attention to the principles of "spatial justice" that have been included in urban planning discussions in order to solve the inadequacies of urban management. In recent years, the city of Isfahan has experienced significant population growth and physical development in different directions. On the other hand, the results of comprehensive transportation studies of Isfahan City indicate that to provide citizens with balanced access to public transportation lines, the creation of 21 high-speed bus lines has been proposed. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to prioritize the development of high-speed bus lines by combining the Shannon, Kopras and entropy models with an emphasis on the concepts of spatial justice up to the horizon of 1410. The distinctive feature of this research is the integration of a geographic information system with spatial justice indicators in order to prioritize bus express routes for implementation. Therefore, in the first step, the status of high-speed bus lines was calculated in terms of permeability, proximity, and accessibility indicators, and the Gini coefficient and Lorenz curve of the current situation was calculated. In the second step, by calculating the Gini coefficient of each of the proposed lines separately and comparing it with the current value, the effectiveness of the proposed lines was evaluated. Secondly, the importance of the desired criteria was weighed by the Shannon entropy method. In the end, using the Kopras method, 21 proposed bus routes were prioritized for development to the 1410 time horizon. The results showed that although the Ayatollah Ghaffari terminal line to the end of Sheikh Sadouq with a length of 14.9 km is one of the medium length lines, it should be implemented considering other criteria as the first priority.

Keywords: Spatial Equity, Public Transport, Shannon Entropy, Kopras, Lorenz Curve