Target detection from high-resolution remote sensing images using deep learning methods

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1 Babol Noshirvani University of Technology

2 Faculty, K.N.Toosi


Object detection is one of the fundamental issues in image interpretation process, especially from remote-sensing imagery. One of the most effective and efficient methods in this field is the use of deep learning algorithm for feature extraction and interpretation. An object is a collection of unique patterns that differ with own adjacent properties. This difference usually occurs in one or more features simultaneously, which can be indicated by the difference in shape, color, and gray values. In this regard, the use of deep learning as an efficient branch of machine learning can be useful in generating high-level concepts through learning in different layers. In this research, a database based on the environmental and geographical conditions from some Iranian airports was created. Additionally, an optimal learner model was developed with a convolutional neural network. For this purpose, in the raw data processing section, besides using the transfer learning method, some vectors were extracted to classify the objects and delivered to an SVM model. The output values were compared with the values obtained from the test image for each object, and they were analyzed in a repeatable process for structural matching. Precision of 98.21% and F1-Measure of 99.1% was achieved, for identification of the target objects


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