Application of Snowmelt Runoff Model Using MODIS Data (a case study: Tekab Watershed)

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1 . M.Sc in Watershed Management Engineering , University of Agriculture and Natural Resources،Sari

2 . Professor of department of watershed management, University of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Sari

3 Assistant Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources-Urmia University-


Takab watershed basin is one of the most important basins of Lake Urmia. The basin is quite hilly and mountainous, and the runoff from its snow melting is of substantial significance. Snow accumulation in winter is considered to be crucial in the spring of the following year, and the water from snow melting is especially important for water facilities in a way that it results in serious floods when the snow melts with warm spring rain. Therefore, the prediction of snow melting seems necessary. Furthermore, managing water resource and reservoirs as well as planning of rivers hydrology would not be possible without considering this factor. The SRM snow melt runoff model was used to simulate the flow considering the 83-84 water years. Furthermore, to test the validity of the model, the 84-85 water years was used.  Due to the fact that the MODIS images have the appropriate time resolution, such images have been used to estimate the underlying snow area. Results of the study showed that the use of snow cover maps, derived from MODIS images, is useful in predicting the runoff of the basin. The findings also show that the model has the ability to simulate the snowmelt runoff. To evaluate the model, two indexes, namely, the coefficient of determination and volume difference were used which were obtained as 0.75 and 27.84%, respectively. The obtained values indicate that the model has high accuracy in estimating the runoff from snow melting in this basin and represents the applicability of the model to other basins in the region.


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